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AMST 170N: Introduction to American Folklore

This guide is for students in Penn State Harrisburg's AMST 170N taught by Dr. Anthony Buccitelli. It includes numerous folklore research sources, such as books and encyclopedias, newspapers, databases, online sources, search tips, and more.

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Selected Readings from Required Books

Additional Recommended Publications

Library of Congress Classification (Folklore and Folklife Studies)

  • GN and GT: General Customs and Folkways
  • GN 406-442: Material Culture
  • GN 418-419.5 and GT 500-2370: Costume and Personal Appearance
  • GN 477-477.7 and GR 880: Folk Medicine
  • GN 480-480.65, GN 482-486, and GT 2400-3390.5: Customs of Life Cycle and Domestic Life
  • GR: Folklore
  • GR 49-55: Folklorists
  • GR 72-79: Folk Literature
  • GR 81: Folk Belief
  • GR 91.2-390: Ethnic and National Groups
  • GR 420-950: Tales and Lore on a Specific Topic 
  • GR 930 and GT 3925-4995: Holidays
  • GV 1621-1728: Folk Dancing by Region or Country
  • GV 1743: Folk Dancing
  • GV 1796.A-Z: Folk Dancing, Special Types of Dance
  • M 1627-1853: Folk Music and Folk Songs
  • N 5312-5313.52: Folk Arts
  • PN 6366-6377: Riddles
  • PN 6400-6525: Proverbs
  • PZ 8.3: Rhymes and Rhyming Games