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Black Lives Matter

A centralized resource for information about historical and current discrimination of African Americans in the United States, Pennsylvania, and the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Introduction to the Guide

This guide was created in late Spring 2020 as a response to and resource for processing the nationwide George Floyd Protests. These protests aim to shine a light on the continued oppression experienced by Black Americans and in particular the effects of police brutality on this population. The hope is that this guide can be both used for personal education as well as providing a centralized resource for the Brandywine community who wish to address these topics in their teaching and learning. This guide contains historical information regarding oppression of African Americans and the systemic presence of White Supremacy, sources to stay up to date on contemporaneous news and analysis, and resources to support Anti-Racism. We welcome suggestions for any additional resources or topics you would like to see covered in this guide.

Navigation Help

This guide is broken into three areas with subtopics in each. Below is a brief description of the type of resources in each section.


We would like to recognize the great work by other libraries and universities that helped us find resources for various parts of this guide. Below are links to those guides that we have used or been inspired by for one or more portions of this guide. We encourage you to check out their guides for even more resources.