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PADEP Pfreimer Adaptive Equipment Project (Berks)

Research tools and tips for the PADEP Pfreimer Adaptive Equipment Project at Penn State Berks.

Assistive Devices and Adaptive Equipment

Occupational Therapy: Biomechanics of Disability

Find information on the biomechanics of a disability and how it affects individuals' activities of daily living.

OTA Literature

Patent Searching

Additional OT research tools and tips

Engineering Design: Patents, Design, and Procurement

Find patent 'prior art' related to your device invention, engineering design literature, standards, and material procurement data.

Patent Searching

Engineering Design & Standards


Additional engineering research tools and tips

Business Plan: Market Research and Procurement

Conduct market research on disability prevalence and consumer trends in adaptive devices, along with materials procurement information.

Additional business planning research tools and tips

Making the Pitch: Citing Sources and Entrepreneurship Resources

Secure investor buy-in by citing your sources to add credibility to your pitch!

Explore bringing your PADEP project to market

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