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KINES 461/462: Research Project

Research guidance for Penn State Berks' Kinesiology capstone research project

Cited reference searching

Citation mining is when you use a relevant book or article to find additional resources on the same topic.

To mine for citations, you can use an author's name to find other publications on the same topic, or you can review the item's bibliography or reference page for additional leads.

How to Mine for Citations:

  1. Use the bibliography of an article or book to find another potential source.

  1. Use our eJournals tab to see if we have access to the publication.

  1. If we have access to that journal, use one of the full-text options to search for the article's title.

  1. If we do not have access to the journal, you can request it through InterLibrary Loan.  If you need assistance, contact a librarian!

A brief intro to controlled vocabularies

Controlled vocabulary codes are unique to a database.

  • MeSH for PubMed
  • MH for CINAHL
  • SU.EXACT for PsycINFO

These search strategies are on the same topic, but each search is unique to the database.

  • PubMed - "Spouse Abuse"[Mesh] AND "Self-Help Groups"[Mesh]
  • CINAHL - (MH "Intimate Partner Violence") AND (MH "Support Groups")
  • PsychINFO - SU.EXACT("Partner Abuse") AND SU.EXACT("Support Groups")

Not every word has a controlled vocabulary term. If you cannot find a matching controlled vocabulary term search the concept as keywords placing phrases inbetween quotation marks.

  • “end-tidal carbon dioxide”

Becoming a PubMed expert - using MeSH terms

  1. From the PubMed homepage, click on the MeSH Database

Screenshot of PubMed homepage with arrow pointing to MeSH Database link on right hand side

  1. Search for the appropriate medical subject heading using your search terms

  1. Select the appropriate MeSH term and click Add to search builder.  Make sure you use AND to connect your concepts.

  1. When you have your desired search click Search PubMed