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Special Collections: Latin American & Spanish History Collections

A guide to archival and book collections focusing on Latin American and Spanish communities and history

Materials relating to art, archaeology, and literature

Field note card from Maquixco, Mexico archaeological excavation showing photograph of people and large aloe plant on left and field notes on right

[Image from the William T. Sanders papers]

These collections chiefly document Latin authors, literature, and archaeology. Collections related to archaeology document Aztec and Toltec archaeological sites in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. These archaeology collections include field notes, film, photographs, and research materials. Collections related to art, culture, and literature include books, correspondence, manuscripts, prints, programs, research materials, and translations. Well-known authors documented in these collections include Jorge Luis Borges, Alfredo González Prada, Manuel González Prada, Alfonso Hernández Catá, Clarice Lispector, José Carlos Mariátegui, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Elena Poniatowska, Luis Alberto Sánchez, Ramón del Valle Inclán, and César Vallejo.