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Finding Information on the 2020 General Election and Candidates

Learn how to register to vote, how to vote, and info on candidates.

Plan Your Vote

Voting in Person

Go at the right time and stay in line!

In Pennsylvania: Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Anyone who is in line by 8:00 p.m. and stays in line can vote, even after the polls close.

In other states: Polls close at different hours in other states. Use the "Voting in Other States" menu tab to find poll hours in your state.


Go to the right place!

Your "polling place" is the location where you are registered to vote in-person. It is often inside a school, church, or other public building. 

Pennsylvania residents: Check the PA Department of State Voter Services Registration Status web site. This site lists your polling place. 

Non-Pennsylvania residents: Use the "Voting in Other States" menu tab to find state web sites for voter registration and polling places. 


Bring ID!

Some states require voters to provide photo identification. Rules vary by state. 

Pennsylvania residents: First-time voters and people voting in a new district are required to show a driver's license, U.S. passport, or some other form of ID. For a list of acceptable ID, check the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Voting in PA site

Non-Pennsylvania residents: Use the "Voting in Other States" menu tab to find your state's voter identification requirements.


If you have questions, talk to the right people!

At your polling place, there may be a variety of people, including people promoting candidates, poll watchers, and poll workers. In Pennsylvania, poll *workers* are trained volunteers responsible for opening the polling place, signing in voters, and monitoring security. They will have the best knowledge about the voting process. Other people at the polls are usually representing a certain candidate or party. 


Use the machine!

In Pennsylvania, a variety of machines are used to record votes. See the Votes PA Voting System Demos site to learn about the machines used in your county. 

Mail-in and Absentee Voting

If you are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, applications to vote by mail-in or absentee ballot for the general election must be received by your county election office by October 27, 2020 at 5PM.

The state government provides information for PA college students about different options for voting.

Pennsylvania residents: Voting by absentee or mail-in ballot involves several steps:

  • Access the online mail-in or absentee ballot application form at the Voting in PA "Voting by Mail-In or Absentee Ballot" web site.
  • Fill out the first two sections (your reason for absence can be "college student living away from home").
  • Mail the completed application to the elections office in the county where you are registered. To find the address of your county's elections office, go to the Voting in PA "Contacting Your Election Officials" web site
  • Watch your mail for a mail-in or absentee ballot. When it arrives, fill it out and mail it back right away.
  • Mail-in and absentee ballots are due at 8pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020. If you are close to the deadline, consider delivering it in-person to your county election office, rather than relying on the mail. 

Voters registered in other states: Google the name of your state and "absentee voting" to find the procedures in your state.