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Finding Information on the 2020 General Election and Candidates

Learn how to register to vote, how to vote, and info on candidates.

Finding National Party Platforms

A "platform" is a political party's public statement about its priorities and goals. 

If you can't find any information about candidates, knowing their parties and those parties' platforms might help you make a decision. 

Platforms are written to appeal to voters. Not all candidates follow every belief in their party's platform. Still, reading platforms is a helpful way to learn what different parties generally stand for.

Here are the national platforms of the parties you are most likely to see on your ballot, listed in alphabetical order:

For the names of additional parties, see Ballotpedia's list

Finding State and County Parties

National parties often have state and county organizations. Sometimes, the state and county parties publish platforms or other public statements, too.

Some of the state parties operating in Pennsylvania (in alphabetical order):

To find parties in other states, and in counties, Google the name of the state/county and party. For example, "New Jersey Green Party" or  "Dauphin County Republican Party."