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Engineering (Berks)

Recommended research sources and tools for engineering students at Penn State Berks.

In-Class Activities for Engineering Research

Patent Dissection

Use the following links to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Google Patents to deconstruct and examine the parts of a patent.

Patent Dissection - Face-to-face learning

Materials for face-to-face Patent Dissection Activity.

Discussion Questions
  • What do the patent application events (see Google Patents link) tell you about patents as intellectual property?
  • What is the role of research and citing in patent filing?
  • What ethical considerations or concerns does this patent raise?

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

Are the following articles scholarly, trade, or popular?

What are 3 reasons you categorized each article as scholarly, trade, or popular?

Hint: View the PDF when available.

Scholarly Article Dissection & Abstract Close Reading

Use the abstract from the scholarly article identified above to complete the following worksheet:

Robots on parade at the University of Denver.

Adapted from Robots by University of Denver via flickr under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.