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Engineering (Berks)

Recommended research sources and tools for engineering students at Penn State Berks.

Literature Reviews in Engineering

Literature Review Showcase

Access the full text and review the References section to answer the following:

  1. About how many sources are cited?
  2. What is the oldest source cited? (Hint! Look for the publication year in the citations.)
  3. What types of sources are cited? (Not sure? Try accessing the sources to find out!)
  4. How are cited sources used? (Hint! Skim the text for in-text citations.)

Conducting Literature Reviews

The purpose of a literature review is to familiarize yourself with existing research on a topic. You will acquire knowledge about your topic, and identify gaps that you can explore with your own research.

The following resources are designed to guide you in conducting a literature review in a structured and strategic way.

Engineering Databases

General Engineering Research Tools

Undergraduate Patent Showcase

It's never too early to think about your own intellectual property! These patents are for inventions created by Penn State Berks students.