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Engineering (Berks)

Recommended research sources and tools for engineering students at Penn State Berks.

Background research for renewable energy EV charging stations

Database Trials

In your group, search your assigned database to locate the specified source. Be prepared to demonstrate your research techniques to the class!

Suggested search:

"electric vehicle" AND "charging station" AND renewable

Reflection Questions

Which database do you think was the most useful for background research on renewable energy charging stations for electric vehicles? Why?

Is there an advantage to searching multiple databases about your topic? Why or why not?

Compare the information provided by databases to the information you can find via Web search (ex. Google). What are the benefits of using databases? What are the benefits of using Web search? How can you use both tools in your search strategy?

Additional Resources

Databases used in these activities

Self-guided tutorials

These activities demonstrate how to gather background information for designing solar EV charging stations from engineering research databases.

Send Sarah feedback about these activities to improve them for future students!

Research Coach

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