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Penn State Beaver Campus History

A variety of sources for campus history can be found in the campus library, at the University Archives, and online

About Penn State Beaver

In the early days of Penn State Beaver, students actively created yearbooks and other publications to document student life on campus. Visitors to the Penn State Beaver Library may view local copies of yearbooks, freshmen faces, and literary magazines that are part of our local collection. Additional items, including copies of the student newspaper, are safely stored in the Special Collections Library at University Park. 

On this guide, you can discover what we have available at Penn State Beaver and begin to search campus and university collections that are already digitized. This includes things "born digital," such as recent editions of the student newspaper, The Roar, and Penn State history collections that have been digitized. In the future, we hope to digitize more campus history artifacts to improve their discoverability and help preserve campus history.

Beyond Campus

Researchers may wish to explore local news archives for articles about campus history. Google News archives are available to everyone, but have incomplete coverage and limited searchability (see below); best for browsing. 

For more about news archives, click on the "Related Research Guides" tab to the left.

Yearbooks and Freshmen Faces

Penn State Beaver Yearbooks

Penn State Yearbook, La Vie

Student News and Other Documents of Student Life

Penn State Beaver Student Newspaper, The Roar

Online access to 2010-2021 issues of the Penn State Beaver student newspaper, The Roar. The newspaper is currently on hiatus.

See the "University Archives" section of this guide (link on left) to learn about our holdings of earlier editions.

Other Snapshots of Student Life

Literary Magazine

PSU Beaver Athletics

Other Penn State News

Pennsylvania State University Web Archive

This collection includes websites from Penn State academic departments, administrative units, research centers, student groups, faculty members, and the athletic department, and is primarily focused on the websites in the domain. This web archive began in 2013 and most university websites are being re-captured on an annual basis. The collection is curated by the Penn State Special Collections Library.