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Video Resources

Locate a Specific Streaming Video

To locate a specific streaming video title, follow these steps:

1) Search The CAT, our library catalog.

Most streaming videos provided by the University Libraries are described individually in The CAT. The quickest way to locate a specific video title is to use the Advanced Search screen, type the title into the "Title" search box, and select "Video Material" from the "Material Type" pull-down menu. Searching The CAT is faster than searching individual video databases.

<Additional Searching Tips>

2) Search the Swank Motion Pictures catalog. Swank Motion Pictures distributes streaming versions of movies released by Hollywood and other major motion picture studios. The CAT (our library catalog) does not include descriptions of streaming videos supplied by Swank Motion Pictures.

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Advanced Searching Tips

To search for streaming videos in The CAT, follow these steps: 

1) Select the Advanced Search option:


2) Type the video title in the "Title" search box. Then at the "Material Type" prompt (below the search boxes), select “Video Material” from the drop-down menu.


3) To focus your search on streaming videos only (and remove DVDs from your search results), select “Online Content from the pull-down menu at the "Location" prompt, in addition to selecting “Video Material” under "Material Type."