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Project Management

News and Magazine Articles

The following sources are great places to find articles that report on the latest news, current events, changing trends, and more happenings in the Project Management world!

The Project Management Institute has several places to find news, including:

  • News for Project Managers, where you can find a selection of the latest articles related to project management from a variety of different sources.
  • PMI's Learning Library, with a collection of more in-depth articles on project-management related topics.

Also try some of the databases and publications you can access through the University libraries, including:

Professional Magazine or Trade Journal Articles

These resources aren't just news articles - they're places to find articles that are written by and for professionals in the project-management world!

  • CIO Magazine - focuses on business strategy and initiatives, but especially from a technology or digital business perspective.
  • PM World Journal and its archives of previously published articles - the website is a little bit strange and ad-heavy, but this is a good place to find things like interviews, articles, case studies, reports, commentaries, and even published papers (from professionals and from students!).

Blogs and Podcasts from Professional Organizations

It's not difficult to find videos, blogs, and podcasts about PM - but it's sometimes hard to tell if the authors are trustworthy experts, or if they're just farming content.

These resources, however, come from professional organizations and feature well-known, respected people from the project-management world!