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Project Management

Keeping Current

These resources and organizations will help you keep up with current events, news, and trends in Project Management. A good way to find other similar resources is to ask your instructor, colleagues, or peers who are involved in Project Management for the resources they use, the organizations they belong to, and what they recommend for you!

If you discover a resource or organization you'd like to see added to this list, please contact the librarians listed on this guide for assistance.

The Project Management Institute (PMI)

As you'll see below, PMI and have a lot of overlap, and many of their links direct between resources on both sites. But PMI is a huge organization for project management on its own and provides resources such as:

  • The PM Network, a publication that includes, among other things, lists and discussions of a wide variety of influential projects from many different fields and areas of interest.

  • The Projectified Podcast, which describes itself as "a forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers". All episodes are free to download!

  • PMI's own official Youtube Channel, featuring everything from examples of influential projects to interviews with experts to news and updated about what's changing in project management.

  • The News for Project Managers page (which is currently under repair - but please check this link and see if it has been updated yet!), a part of the Project Management Institute (PMI) group:

This site has a variety of valuable resources to help you keep current with PM, from blogs to trainings to professional mentors, including:

  • Project Management Training Finder, where you can search for training or certificate programs and events
    • Also try their PMChallenge, which allows you to take quizzes on project management concepts and earn badges and skills to add to your profile.

    • (Note: you may need to be a member of the association to create a profile - please pay attention to any possible fees you might need to pay to join and decide for yourself if this is appropriate for you.)
  • Project Management Tool Finder, where you can search, browse, and read reviews of the various software and tools project managers use in their work

  • Processes, where you can find project management process (and downloadable templates) to use in your own work
  • Note: you can find more templates for deliverables, project plans, presentations, and checklists at the Templates page
  • The Community Ambassadors Program allows you to reach out to real people working in project management who volunteer their time to answer questions for the community.
    • You can also check out the Ambassador's Blog to browse posts and see if your questions might have been answered already!
  • Podcasts, where you can find selected episodes of The PM Podcast, as well as a number of other recommended project management podcasts - view the full list at this link.
  • The Techniques Wiki, where you can read more the wide variety of ways project managers approach different PM problems (and add those techniques to your professional toolbox!)
  • The Knowledge Shelf is a great place to find articles written by project managers, from case studies to lessons-learned and more.
    • Note: You must be a member of the organization in order to view this content.
  • The ProjectsAtWork blog has joined with - on this page, you can find both the ProjectsAtWork blog itself, as well as a variety of other recommended PM blogs for you to browse and learn from!
  • Keep up with what's changing in PM by attending events! You can find both a schedule of Upcoming Events and recordings of On-Demand events you can register for and complete on your own schedule.
    • Note: Not all events may be open to non-members, and some events may charge registration fees. Please also pay attention to event locations, as some may be held fully online and others may require travel to physical locations to attend.
  • Like other resources on this list,'s trainings and events award you professional development units (PDU) - view their FAQ on the PDU's they award for more information.

Other professional organizations to explore