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CRIMJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Richard Wentling

Finding Your Sources

Annotated Bibliography Topics


1. Hot Spots Policing
2. Third Party Policing
3. Community Policing
4. Use of Force
5. Intelligence-Led Policing

1. Drug Courts
2. Veterans’ Court
3. Mental Health Court
4. Mandatory Sentencing
5. Sentencing Strategies

1. Faith-based programs for inmates
2. Correctional boot camps
3. Private prisons
4. Restorative Justice
5. Re-entry and reintegration programs

Policies and Programs:
1. Sex offender registries
2. Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT)
3. Closed Circuit Surveillance
4. Neighborhood Watch
5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
6. Functional Family Therapy
7. Drug Abuse Resistance and Education (DARE)
8. Gun buy-back programs
9. Work-place burnout among practitioners (may include any actor within the CJS)

What is a Research Article?

An empirical research article is a journal article in which the author/s have conducted a research experiment of their own by observing, recording, or analyzing data. They are not reporting on research done by others (as in a systematic review), giving their opinion or arguing for a particular policy.

Look for: a METHODS section

Annotated Bibliographies