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CRIMJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Richard Wentling

Reference and Instruction Librarian

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Amy E. Rustic
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Penn State New Kensington
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Finding Your Sources

Crime Prevention Topics

  • Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT)
  • Hot spots policing
  • Drug courts
  • Veterans courts
  • Three strikes laws
  • Sex offender registries
  • Sex offender residence restrictions
  • Third party policing
  • Community policing
  • Closed circuit television cameras
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Restorative justice
  • Faith-based programs for inmates
  • Functional family therapy
  • Drug Abuse Resistance and Education (DARE)
  • Gun buyback programs
  • Correctional boot camps

What is a Research Article?

An empirical research article is a journal article in which the author/s have conducted a research experiment of their own by observing, recording, or analyzing data. They are not reporting on research done by others (as in a systematic review), giving their opinion or arguing for a particular policy.

Look for: a METHODS section