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U.S. Government : Legislative Branch

a guide to resources for researching legislative branch (Congressional) publications.

Committee Prints

A committee print can contain anything relevant to the legislative and oversight functions of Congress. The print content varies widely from committee to committee, and over the course of time the function and format have been inconsistent. Examples of committee print content include:

  • research papers by committee staff, Congressional Research Service experts, or outside consultants
  • committee rules and calendars
  • compilations of laws
  • transcripts of markup sessions or other proceedings
  • legislative descriptions and analyses



follow the pattern:

[Chamber abbreviation] Prt. [Congress number] - [Committee Print number]

H. Prt. 111-17 is the 17th House Committee Print published during the 111th Congress.

S. Prt. 114-20 is the 2oth Senate Committee Print published during the 114th Congress.