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Labor Statistics & Data

A guide to help researchers find numbers and data related to topics in labor studies

Start Here: Establisments

How is the data collected?

The Business Register is the Census Bureau’s source of information on employer establishments.  A company operating at more than one location is required to file a separate report for each location or establishment. Companies engaged in distinctly different lines of activity at one location are requested to submit separate reports, if the business records permit such a separation, and if the activities are substantial in size.


It helps to know the industry code for your company before trying to find establishment or enterprise statistics.  

Census FAQ

The Census has a nice page of frequently asked questions for business statistics.  

US Economic Census

Annual Statistics Programs

The Current Employment Statistics Program is a federal-state cooperative program. The CES survey is based on approximately 146,000 businesses and government agencies representing approximately 623,000 worksites throughout the United States.

United States Establishment Surveys