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Penn State Harrisburg Capital College Honors Program

This guide is for Penn State Harrisburg students completing the Capital College Honors Program and includes information on how to upload your honors undergraduate thesis into ScholarSphere.

Capital College Honors Program Thesis and ScholarSphere


As an Honors student at Penn State Harrisburg's Capital College Honors Program, you may have the opportunity to complete an honors thesis that showcases your research. Using Penn State's digital repository, ScholarSphere, you can preserve your project and share it with other researchers. If you choose to submit your paper to ScholarSphere, it will be added by library staff to a collection of other papers or projects created by fellow students in your program that semester. We ask that before you submit, you review the Preparing Your Paper for Submission page and follow the guidelines there. 

Theses submitted through Harrisburg Library's central upload process will be handled differently than papers self-uploaded to ScholarSphere. You are welcome to self-upload your work, however, it will not be as discoverable to others as those centrally uploaded to the Capital College Honors Program collection by Harrisburg Library staff. Please consult with your faculty or Honors advisor if you have questions or concerns about central uploading through Harrisburg Library or self-uploading to help determine the best option for you, based on your needs and your program requirements.