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Statistics (finding numbers)

This guide provides a list of resources that are useful as a starting place for users looking for topics described by numbers.

Start Here

Google search engines for reports containing statistics:

About this Guide

Scope: this guide is developed as a starting point for users who want tables or summary statistics on a particular topic.

Other excellent starting points: there are other "starter resources" organized by geography on the left. 

Note: If you are looking for larger data sets or surveys or a list of data resources focusing on broader areas such as business, education or health there are other related research guides available.  That said, these "starter resources" can be extremely useful for discovering sources of data by simply looking at and "Googling" the data provider.   

Before searching ask yourself these questions:

What level of geography do I want?
What unit(s) of analysis is needed?
What is the time frame?
Who reports on this type of statistics?
Where do they report this type of statistic?
Feelings or facts?