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Dissertations and Theses

Information for locating dissertations and theses from Penn State and other institutions

Non-Penn State Users

Penn State dissertations and theses can be borrowed through interlibrary loan within the United States by contacting your local public or academic library.

Other possible options:

Penn State Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Use Advanced Search to limit material type to bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral theses
  • Most works published since 2009 have links to electronic full text
  • Older works are print and/or microfilm. Use I Want It to have a copy sent to your campus
  • To get a list of all theses and dissertations from a particular department, do a keyword search for [program name] {699}, for example: Meteorology {699}.  Departments have changed names over the years, see this Index of previous and current department names for older information.