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College of Engineering publications

Description of Penn State College of Engineering publications

Engineering Research Bulletins (titles list)

Engineering Research Bulletins.  Research publications of the college. Prior to 1957 these were published out of the Dept. of Engineering Research (nos.62-67) and the Engineering Experiment Station (nos.1-61).

B-1      Practical Suggestions for the Construction of Concrete Floors, by Elton D. Walker, 1910. 8 pages, figures.

B-2      Effect of the Form of Alternating Current Waves on the Life and Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by C. L. Kinsloe, 1910. 17 pages, figures.

B-3      Notes on the Design of Blower Heating System for Factory and Shop Buildings, by L. A. Harding, 1911. 76 pages, figures.

B-4      Suggestions Regarding Concrete for Use on the Farm, by Elton D. Walker, 1912. 16 pages, figures.

B-5      Preliminary Report on Experiment with Cement Plasters, by R. I. Webber, 1912. 3 pages, one figure.

B-6      Electric Light and Power for Country Homes, by D. L. Markle, 1912. 29 pages, figures.

B-7      Substitutes for Gasoline in Engines, Including Experiments on Water and Air Injection, by J. A. Moyer and E. N. Bates, 1913. 38 pages, figures.

B-8     Experiments on the Distribution of Vertical Pressure in Earth, by R. B. Fehr and C. R. Thomas, 1913. 89 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-9      The Design of Blower Heating Systems for Factory and Shop Buildings, by L. A. Ha:rding and J. A. Moyer, 1913. 75 pages plus 4 foldouts; figures.

B-10      Prevention of Pounding in Kerosene Engines, by J. A. Moyer and J. P. Calderwood, 1914. 19 pages, figures.

B-11      Experiments on the Distribution of Vertical Pressure in Earth, Part 2, by R. B. fehr, 1914. 19 pages, figures.

B-12      Power Required for Grinding Pennsylvania and Argentine Cereals in Flour Mills, by B. W. Dedrick and M. P. Helman, 1914. 20 pages plus,one foldout; figures.

B-13      The Manual Arts and Industrial Training in Rural Schools, by Hugo Diemer, 1914. 9 pages, figures.

B-14      Purchasing Coal by Specification and Methods of Sampling, by J. A. Moyer and J, P: Calderwood, 1914. 28 pages, figures.

B-15      Absorption of Ultra-Violet Light by Various Kinds of Glass, by W. R. Ham, R. B. Fehr, and R. E. Bitner, 1914. 14 pages, figures.

B-16      Effect of Velocity and Humidity of Air on Heat Transmission Through Building Materials, by J. A. Moyer, J. P. Calderwood, and M. P. Helman, 1915. 14 pages, figures.

B-17      Performance of Metallic Filament Lamps on Alternating Current Circuits, by C. L. Kinsloe and D. L. Markle, 1915. 25 pages, figures.

B-18      The Annealing of Carbon Steels as Affected by Various Temperatures and Magnetic Flux, by R. B. Fehr, 1915. 25 pages, figures.

B-19      Preliminary Report on an Investigation for Coloration of Wood under Steam Pressure, by G. H. Resides and G. R. Green, 1915. 5 pages plus 4 color plates.

B-20      Manual of Arts for Rural Schools, by E. L. Bowman, 1915. 44 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-21      Empirical Method for Determining the Ultimate from the Proximate Analysis of Coal, by J. P. Calderwood, 1915. 21 pages, tables.

B-22      Tests Showing the Effect of Using Dry and Wet Coal as Fired in a Low Pressure Steam-Heating Boiler, by J. J. Light, 1915. 5 pages, tables.

B-23      Dust Prevention on Highways, by H. B. Shattuck, 1915. 10 pages.

B-24      Report on the Thermal Testing Plant for 1916-1917, by R. B. Fehr, 1917. 21 pages, figures.

B-25      Building Construction, by R. I. Webber, 1917. 78 pages, figures.

B-26      Investigation of Grain Dust Explosions, by R. W. Dedrick and R. B. Fehlr, 1918. 58 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-27      The Relative Corrosion of Alloys, by R. B. Fehr, 1918. 15 pages, figures.

B-28      Rural Sanitation; Part I, Water Supply, by E. L. Waterman, 1918. 27 pages, figures.

B-29      Rural Sanitation, Part II, Sewerage, Sewage Disposal and Fly Control, by R. O'Donnel, 1920. 14 pages, figures.

B-30      Heat Transmission, Corkboard and Air Spaces, by Arthur J. Wood and E. F. Grundhoferm 1920. 140 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-31      A New Application of the Induction Motor to Signaling Devices, by P. X. Rice, 1924. 22 pages, figures.

B-32      Heat Transmission and Efficiency in Stream Boiler Tubes, by E. A. Fessenden, 1924. 45 pages, figures.

B-33      An Investigation of Certain Methods for Testing Heat Insulators, by E. F. Grundhofer, 1925. 65 pages, bibliography (heat transmission, 1690-1925).

B-34      Tests of Household Fuel Savers and the Economical Use of Coal, by F. G. Hechler, 1925. 30 pages plus one foldout; figures, bibliography.

B-35      The Tangent Method of Analysis for Indicator Cards of Internal Combustion Engines, by P. H. Schweitzer, 1926. 128 pages, figures.

B-36      Studies at the Sewage Treatment Plant of The Pennsylvania State College, by E. D. Walker, G. A. Lindsey, and P. M. Jones, 1930. 49 pages plus 7 foldouts; figures, bibliography.

B-37      Heat Flow Meters and Thermal Conductivity Measurements, by F. G. Heckler and E. R. Queer, 1930. 58 pages, figures.

B-38      Non-Sinusoidal Voltages and Currents in Polyphase Electrical Circuits and Apparatus, by L. A. Doggett, 1930. 36 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-39      Oil Film Pressures in a Complete Bearing, by L. J. Bradford and L. J. Grunder., 1930. 48 pages plus one foldout; figures.

B-40      On the Formation and Dispersion of Oil Sprays, by K. J. DeJuhasz, O. F. Zahn, and P. H. Schweitzer, 1932. 87 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-41      Reduction of Bacteria in the Open and Closed Filters (Research at the Sewage Treatment Plant, The Pennsylvania State College), by Andrew B. Ormsby, 1932. 22 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-42      Investigation of Journal'Bearing Performance, by E. M. Barber and C. C. Davenport, l933. 60 pages plus one foldout; figures, bibliography.

B-43      Influence of Neighboring Structures on the Wind Pressure on Tall Buildings, by C. L. Harris, 1934. 32 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-44      Performance Tests of Lubricating Oils in Automobile Engines, by H. A. Everett and F. C. Stewart, 1935 (reprinted 1939). 47 pages plus 22 foldout charts; figures, bibliography.

B-45      The Development of Diesel Fuel Testing, by T. B. Hetzel, 1936. 51 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-46a      Mathematical Supplement to B-46, by P. H. Schweitzer, 1937. 43 pages (8 1/2 by 11 in.), figures.

B-46      Penetration of Oil Sprays, by P. H. Schweitzer, 1937. 68 pages, figures, references.

B-47      Ignition-Quality Rating of Diesel Fuels by Commercial Engines, by J. S. Chandler, 1939. 70 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-48      A Laboratory Method for Evaluating the Influence of Lubricating Oils on Carbon Deposition in Internal-Combustion Engines, by H. A. Everett and G. H. Keller, 1939. 31 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-49      Highway Investigation by Means of Induced Vibrations, by R. K. Bernhard, 1939. 22 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-50     Service Pefformance of Eight Lubricating Oils in Automobile Engines, by H. A. Everett and G. H. Keller, 1940. 32 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-51      Experiments on Jerk-Pump Injection, by Kalman J. DeJuhasz, 1940. 55 pages, f,igures, bibliography.

B-52      Design of Shading Coils for Alternating-Current Electromagnets, by Leonard A. Doggett and Franz S. Veith, 1940. 22 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-53      A Study of Lumber. and Plywood Joints with Metal Split-Ring Connectors, by E. G. Stern, 1940. 55 pages plus 15 foldouts; figures, bibliography.

B-54      Oxygen-Boosting of Diesel Engines for Take-Off, by P. H. Schweitzer and E. R. Klinge, 1941. 23 pages, figures, references.

B-55      Radiation from Curved High-Frequency Conductors, by Everard M. Williams, 1942. 10 pages, figures.

B-56      The Hydraulics of Culverts, by F. T. Mavis, 1943. 34 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-57      Lubrication Systems for High Altitude Aircraft, by P. H. Schweitzer and David J. Gildea, 1948. 99 pages, figures.

B-58      A Unified Method for the Calculation of Some Capacitances, by Eric A. Walker and Jack R. Mentzer, 1948. 17 pages, figures, references.

B-59      Susquehanna River Valley Improvements, by Leonard A. Doggett, 1949. 34 pages, figures.

B-60      Graphical Analysis of Impact of Bars above the Elastic Range, by K. J, DeJuhasz, 1949. 128 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-61      Water Vapor Transfer Through Building Materials, by F. A. Joy, E. R. Queer, and R. E. Schreiner, 1949. 79 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-62      Treatment of Liquid Wastes from Small Abattoirs, by Robert E. Stiemke, R. Rupert Kountz, and Thomas Iezzi, 1953. 79 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-63      A Practical Report on the Disposal of Wastes from Small Slaughterhouses, by Thomas Iezzi and R. Rupert Kountz, 1953. 25 pages, figures, references.

B-64      Eductors for Hydraulic Systems, by A. W. Hussmann, 1955. 60 pages, figures, references.

B-65      On Sprays and Spraying, by William E. Ranz, 1956 (2nd printing, 1959). 75 pages, figures, references.

B-66      Principles of Inertial Impactiqn, by William E. Ranz, 1956 (2nd printing, 1959). 41 pages, figures, references.

B-67      Exhaust Blowdown Energy, by A. W. Hussmann, D. F. White, W. A. Pullman, and P. D. Hobson, 1956. 143 pages, figures, references.

B-68      Bibliography on Shock and Shock Excited Vibrations, Vol. 1, edited by J. N. Brennan, 1957. 348 pages, author and subject indexes.

B-69      Bibliography on Shock and Shock Excited Vibrations, Vol. 2, edited by J. N. Brennan, 1958. 181 pages, author and subject indexes, combined index for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

B-70      Practical Traffic Engineering for Small Communities, by Calvin G. Reen, 1958. 102 pages, illustrated problems and solutions.

B-71      Fuel Introduction into the Intake Air of Diesel Engines, by P. H. Schweitzer and M. Alperstein, 1958. 59 pages plus 79 figure pages; references.

B-72      Composting of Municipal Refuse and Some European Composting Operations, by John B. Nesbitt, 1958 (2nd printing, 1959). 27 pages, figures.

B-73      A Test Method for Evaluating Mist and Dust Collection Equipment, by W. E. Ranz and E. J. Katz, 1958. 27 pages, figures, references.

B-74      The Textile Industry in Pennsylvania, by Edwin Scott Roscoe and George Lewis Thuering, 1958. 213 pages, tables, bibliography.

B-75      The Film Vaporization Combustor for Gas Turbine Engines, Theoretical and Experimental Investigations, by Gunter W. Maybach, 1959. 142 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-76      Slab-on-Ground Construction for Homes, by F. A. Joy and G. J. Stout (Better Building Report No. 1), 1959. 23 pages, figures.

B-77      Problems and Progress in Home Building (Better Building Report No. 2), 1959. 65 pages, figures.

B-78      Bibliography on Methods for Determining Soil Moisture, by Mark D. Shaw and William C. Arble, 1959. 152 pages, author and subject indexes.

B-79      Stress Waves and Scabbing in Materials, by Norman Davids and Sudhir Kumar, 1959. 26 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-80 Rubber and Tire Friction, by H. W. Kummer and W. E. Meyer, 1960. 96 pages, figures, references.

B-81      Acoustic Propagation and Isolati,on, by F. E. Bellas, 1961.  51 pages, figures, references.

B-82      Soil Mapping for Highway Engineers, by Harmer A. Weeden, 1962. 141 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-83      High-Velocity Channel Model Studies, by F. L. Blue, Jr., and Sam Shulits, 1962. 43 pages, figures.

B-84      Continuum Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials, by Joseph Marin, 1962. 46 pages, figures, references.

B-85      Table of Bessel Functions to Argument 85 for J0(x), J1(x), Y0(x), Y1(x), I0(x), I1(x), K0(x), K1(x), by J. W. McClain, F. C. Schoenig, Jr., and N. J. Palladino, 1962.

B-86r      Electric and Wet Heathing Systems, by Everett R. McLaughlin and Robert E. Alt, 1963 [replaced B-86]. 41 pages.

B-87      Modified Hankel Functions and Their Integrals to Argument 10, by K. Singh, J. F. Lumley, and R. Betchov, 1963. 32 pages, references.

B-88      Biological Treatment of Cyanide Wastes, by R. Sage Murphy and John B. Nesbitt, 1964. 73 pages, figures, references.

B-89      Influence Line Expressions for Continuous Beams, by Ralph R. Mozingo, 1964. 29 P,ages, figures, bibliography.

B-90      Bibliography on Compression Ignition Engine Low Temperature Problems, by W. E. Meyer, 1964. 116 pages, source index, subject index.

B-91      Temperature Compensation of Transistor Circuits, by Carl Volz, 1965. 48 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-92      Computer Analysis Methods in Dynamics, by Norman Davids and Pravin Mehta, 1965. 72 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-93      Removal of Phosphorus from Municipal Sewage Plant Effluents, by John B. Nesbitt, 1966. 58 pages, figures, references.

B-94      Unified Theory of Rubber and Tire Friction, by Hartwig W. Kummer, 1966. 150 pages, figures, references. [Photocopy obtainable from National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Va 22151, as PB 184 487.]

B-95      STREAK -- A Numerical Solution for Space-Time Neutron Diffusion Equations, by James W. Smiley, 1966. 61 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-96      Reaction Tables for Uniformly Loaded Continuous Beams on Elastic Supports, by Ralph R. Mozingo, 1967. 55 pages, figures, references.

B-97      Neoprene Bridge Pads: Fatigue Behavior in Compression and Shear, by A. A. Brielmaier, J. R. Hoblitzell, Jr., and G. G. Borden, 1968. 90 pages, figures, references.

B-98      Open-Channel Transitions in Supercritical Flow, by F. L. Blue, Jr., and H.,Y. Rajagopal, 1969. 93 pages, figures.

B-99      Thesis Abstracts 1968-1969, M.S. and Ph.D., College of Engineering, 1969. 73 pages. title and author indexes.

B-100     Rates of Asphalt Hardening at In-Service Temperatures, by W. H. Gotolski, S. K. Ciesielski, and R. W. Smith, 1969. 54 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-101      Thesis Abstracts 1969-1970, M.S. and Ph.D., College of Engineering, 1970. 81 pages, title and author indexes.

B-102      Finite Element Analysis of Blood Flow Dynamics, by Norman Davids and Gautam Ray, 1971. 67 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-103      New Safety System Design for Nuclear Power Reactors, by A. H. Geesey, Jr., and M.A. Schultz, 1971. 54 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-104      Thesis Abstracts 1970-1971, M.S. and Ph.D., College of Engineering, 1971. 77 pages, title and author indexes.

B-105      Computer Optimization of Machining Conditions for Shop Production, by Inyong Ham, 1972. 88 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-106      Thesis Abstracts 1971-1972, M.S. and Ph.D., College of Engineering, 1972. 74 pages, title and author indexes.

B-107      Plume Rise from Wet Cooling Towers in Strong Winds, by Donald W. Stephen and William J. Moroz, 1972. 51 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-108      Sediment Runoff Control at Highway Construction Sites, A Guide. for Water Quality Protection, by Paul M. Swerdon and R. Rupert Kountz, 1973. 78 pages, figures, bibliography.

B-109      Container Ships: Oil Fueled versus Nuclear Powered, An Economic Analysis.  by Thomas Dade and Warren Witzig. May 1973