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College of Engineering publications

Description of Penn State College of Engineering publications

Engineering Magazines

Reports and Other Publications

Engineering Experiment Station (1909-?)

  • Bulletin.  no.1-61 (1910-1949).  {TA1.B84}  Continued by Engineering Research Bulletin.
  • Engineering Research Bulletin.  no.62-109.  {TA1.B8401}
  • VHF field intensity measurements. no.1 (1951) - no.17 (1953)  {TK6561.P45}

Better Building Reports.  Informational publications from the building research program.These were from the Institute for Building Research (part of the Dept. of Architectural Engineering).  Some published as part of the Engineering Experiment Station bulletin series.  {TH1.P37}

Technical Bulletin.  Published from 1927-1954.  34 published.  {TA1.P355}

Engineering Education Research Report series.  E1-E53. (?-1965)

Ionospheric Research Lab reports

  • Ionospheric research. Quarterly status report
  • Ionospheric research. Scientific report (QC501.P46)
  • Papers presented and published.

Ordnance Research Laboratory  - publications cataloged individually in the catalog.  (Later became the Applied Research Laboratory.) 

Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel - publications cataloged individually in the catalog. Established 1949.

Honorary Engineering LecturePenn State Engineering Society sponsored from ~1966-1995.  (TA1.P4)

Various College of Engineering publications appeared in The Pennsylvania State College Bulletin

  • Engineer [magazine?]  v.1 no.1 1908  (Bulletin number unknown)
  • School of Engineering.  1931.  (Technical bulletin #11)

The College of Engineering at Penn State: a century in the land-grant tradition.  Michael Bezilla.  1996.

Applied Research Laboratory by Pennsylvania State University. Applied Research Laboratory

  • Technical Memoranda (TMs) are  not "memos" in the usual sense of the word, i.e., interoffice communications but is the term the lab uses for reports on contracted work delivered to sponsors. These are mostly classified, meaning they require the requester to held a particular security clearance, or otherwise restricted and are therefore unavailable for viewing.

Ordnance Research Laboratory by Pennsylvania State University. Ordnance Research Laboratory