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PL SC 017w: Introduction to Political Theory

Resources for an introductory course on political theory

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Call numbers for browsing books

Browsing the shelves, either in person or by a call number search in the CAT can be a useful way to explore the literature on political theory.   Below is a list of call number that would be relevant.

Or, if you find a book on your topic in the CAT use the "Nearby Items on the shelf" link to see other titles on the same subject.


Call number JA      Political Science (General)

JA 71 80            Theory.  Relations to other subjects

Call number JC

     JC11‑605     Political theory.  The state.  Theories of the state

JC47                 Oriental state
JC49                 Islamic state
JC51‑93            Ancient state 
JC109‑121        Medieval state 
JC131‑273        Modern state   
JC177‑178        Thomas Paine
JC311‑314        Nationalism.  Nation state
JC319‑323        Political geography
JC327               Sovereignty
JC328.2            Consensus.  Consent of the governed
JC328.6‑.65      Violence.  Political violence
JC329               Patriotism
JC345‑347        Symbolism
JC348‑497        Forms of the state
JC571‑605        Purpose, functions, and relations of the state

Call Number JZ    International relations

JZ1305‑2060     Scope of international relations. Political theory. 

Call number B  Philosophy

B1-5802        Philosophy (General)
B69-99          General works
B108-5802    By period. Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy
B108-708      Ancient
B720-765      Medieval
B770-785      Renaissance
B790-5802    Modern
B808-849      Special topics and schools of philosophy
B850-5739    By region or country
B5800-5802  By religion

BJ   Ethics

BJ71-1185             History and general works Including individual ethical philosophers
BJ1188-1295        Religious ethics
BJ1298-1335        Evolutionary and genetic ethics
BJ1365-1385        Positivist ethics
BJ1388                 Socialist ethics
BJ1390-1390.5    Communist ethics
BJ1392                Totalitarian ethics
BJ1395                Feminist ethics
BJ1518-1697       Individual ethics. Character. Virtue Including practical and applied ethics, conduct of life, vices,
                             success, ethics for children
BJ1725                Ethics of social groups, classes, etc. Professional ethics B