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PL SC 017w: Introduction to Political Theory

Resources for an introductory course on political theory

Ask A Librarian!

We want you to spend your time learning, not spinning your wheels trying to find information.  Always ask a Librarian if you are having trouble!

Email me for an appointment  (contact info is on the left) or use the Ask a Librarian link below.  The Chat service is available most days, into the evening.  If Chat is not available you can leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Writing Resources

Citing Your Sources

When using information from another source you must give credit to the original author or you are plagiarizing. You give credit by citing the source. Make sure your citation contains everything you would need to backtrack and find the information again. It is best to pick one citation style and be consistent. 


Plagiarism, whether you copy a paragraph from a book or cut and paste someone else's words from an e-mail, is a violation of Penn State's academic integrity policy.

Academic Integrity

Penn State resources related to Academic Integrity.