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ENVST 100N: Visions of Nature

Annotated Bibliography Tips

Directions from your Assignment

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources or citations with a short description (annotation) about each item listed.

The sources (journal article, book, etc.) should be listed in full citation format, and then a 50-150 word description of the source should be given.

The description should include:

  • the type of source (1° research article, review article, book chapter, whole book, textbook, 3° article, etc.),
  • a short summary of the findings of the authors,
  • and your evaluation of the source.


Help from the Library 

  • Many of the databases will identify the type of source (journal article, book chapter, etc)
  • The library databases will also provide a citation for the source in your favorite style, just be sure to double-check!
  • Reviewing the abstract of a source will help you create a short summary.
  • However, you are the only one who can evaluate the source!


Citations and Annotated Bibliographies

Academic Honesty

How to Avoid Plagiarism (3 min. 58 sec. video)