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APLNG 210 The Ecology of Global English

This is a course research guide for APLNG 210.

Handbooks, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Unequal Englishes: the politics of Englishes today / edited by Ruanni Tupas.

  • Includes chapters on a variety of regions, including Japan, China, Singapore and Hawaii

Exploring World Englishes: language in a global context / Philip Seargeant

  • Great introductory resource for information on language variation and linguistic terminology for World Englishes.

The Cambridge History of the English Language. Volume 5, English in Britain and Overseas: Origins and Development / Edited by Robert Burchfield

  • Includes region-specific chapters, such as "English in the Caribbean," "English in South Asia," etc.

Standards of English: codified varieties around the world / edited by Raymond Hickey, University of Duisberg-Essen 

  • Includes chapters on varieties of English in different countries. These also include brief regional histories and statistics.


Blogs and Web Resources

Language Archives and Corpora

What is a linguistic corpus (plural: corpora)?

A linguistic corpus is a collection of "real-world" language samples. Linguists often use corpora to analyze language. Samples from corpora are considered primary sources, and are helpful for examining linguistic features or variation between English dialects.