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ENGL 15: Rhetoric and Composition (Ousey)

Mrs. Ousey

Use these databases to find reliable sources

You must meet with a campus librarian by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 16th to explore resources for your annotated bibliography.  

You can meet with a librarian 3 different ways:

  • Make an appointment to meet a Vairo LibrarianLINK TO APPOINTMENT CALENDAR 
    You will have the option to meet a librarian in person or via Zoom (
  • Visit the library from 10am - 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday (3:30PM on Friday)  and ask to meet with a librarian.


Before you use information in your essay, you need to decide if your information source is appropriate for a college paper: the source should be current, reliable, and relevant to your topic.  Take some time to learn more about EVALUATING INFORMATION by watching some short videos created by Penn State librarians.



Use these databases to get background information on your topic, to find newspaper and magazine articles, and explore different sides of political and social issues.


Use Google Jamboard to share some topic ideas:  LINK