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Nursing (Berks)

Finding nursing theorist articles in CINAHL

CINAHL is an excellent database to utilize to find articles on nursing theories and theorists.  There are two easy ways to go about finding an appropriate article for your Nursing Theorist Assignment:

1.  Keyword Searching

  • use the following search terms:
    • (nursing models OR nursing theor*)
    • sort results by Relevance in the dropdown menu at the top right above results
    • narrow the search by adding a search term
      • the name of a theorist -- such as Henderson
      • the name of a theory -- such as Orem self-care model

2.  CINAHL Headings

  • click on the CINAHL headings link above the search box
  • browse for Nursing Models, Theoretical
    • click on the hyperlink Nursing Models, Theoretical
    • check the box of the model of interest
  • click the green Search Database button on the upper right

Using LionSearch to find a nursing theorist article

If you would like to use the Penn State Libraries LionSearch to find an article on your nursing theorist or theory, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for your specific theory or theorist:
    • Orem self-care model
    • Rosenstock's health belief theory
  2. Click on the See all results for journal articles link in the top left box to narrow your results

**Because LionSearch searches most of Penn State's resources (not just nursing & health literature) it can sometimes bring back many irrelevant results.  This is why it is important to search for the exact theory or theorist.  TIP: using quotation marks will search for exact phrases.