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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshops (ENTI Berks)

Materials for the entrepreneurship and innovation workshops at Penn State Berks.

Welcome to the Creative Mindset Workshop!

In this workshop, we will explore how generative AI can help build creative mindset and the ethical use of AI in entrepreneurship.

Participants will

  1. Create a new product or service and deliver a pitch
  2. Use generative AI (GenAI) to explore how AI can enhance entrepreneurial creativity
  3. Discuss the ethical implications of AI for entrepreneurship
  4. Learn about resources at Penn State Berks to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

Pitch Contest

  1. Use VentureLab's pitch cards to draw a random adjective, noun, and verb.
  2. Brainstorm a product or service based on your pitch cards.
  3. Develop a slogan and 20-second pitch to promote your idea.
  4. Participants will vote on the best pitch!

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Prompt Design: Think-Pair-Ask AI-Share

Research Question: What are the ethical implications of entrepreneurs using generative AI?

  1. Think: On your own, draft some prompts for generative AI (like ChatGPT).
  2. Pair: With a partner, discuss your draft prompts. Develop 1-2 to use.
  3. Ask AI: Input your prompt(s) into one of the generative AI platforms below.
  4. Share: Let's discuss as a whole group: What worked well? What did you need to tweak? Did you get the information you were looking for? Does it seem accurate? How do you know? What did you learn?

Inspired by "Think-Pair-Share with ChatGPT" proposed by Sarah Dillard.

CLEAR Framework for Prompt Engineering based on (Lo, 2023) that shows Concise, Logical, Explicit, Adaptive, and Reflective attritbutes of good prompts.

Pitch with AI Assist

Using the words from your original pitch cards, prompt the GenAI to develop a product or service, slogan, and 20-second pitch. What does it come up with?

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Creative Mindset Workshop Facilitator

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Sarah Hartman-Caverly
Penn State Berks, Thun 107
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