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ENGR 320Y: Berks Prof. Speicher

Resources for the City Water Project


Searching for city-specific information outside of the United States can be challenging.

You will need to find partial information from multiple sources to put together for your city water situation. This includes sometimes using country information and inferring for the city. Historical information is fine, as it can contribute to analysis of a trend over time.

Allow plenty of time for this research.

See the menu at left for suggested sources of information for the contents of your report.

Beijing skyline showing cars driving away from the viewer and tall skyscrapers in the background

Beijing, China, skyline

Madrid skyline showing large rectangular tan buildings in a block formation in the foreground and some taller buildings with red roofs in the background 

Madrid, Spain, skyline

Nairobi cityscape showing two large skyscrapers, one on the left and one on the right, with shorter buildings between them and a cloudy sky behind.

Nairobi, Kenya, cityscape

Tehran skyline showing many skyscrapers close together and a dusky blue sky behind.

Tehran, Iran, skyline