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Digital Leadership Workshop

Part of the Penn State Berks Digital Privacy Workshop Series & Paws for Success Series

Welcome to the Digital Leadership Workshop!

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss our online presence - both our activity and "persona" 
  • Learn about how our online behavior is tracked, archived, and can be retrieved in the future
  • Reflect on how online behaviors can have lasting impact on our careers and personal lives

Professional conduct - exploring social media policies & beyond

Find a link relevant to your career goals/major and explore the social media guidelines & policies of your profession/field.  Use the following guiding questions to reflect on these policies:

  • What surprised you?  
  • How do your current behaviors & actions on social media hold up in comparison?
  • What will you continue?  What will you alter/change?

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Engineering, Business and Computing

Science and Health