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Digital Leadership Workshop

Part of the Penn State Berks Privacy Workshop Series

Welcome to the Digital Leadership Workshop!

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss our online presence - both our activity and "persona" 
  • Learn about how our online behavior is tracked, archived, and can be retrieved in the future
  • Reflect on how online behaviors can have lasting impact on our careers and personal lives

Google Resume

Google Resume

Search Google for combinations of your name and other characteristics:

  • First + Last
  • First, Middle + Last
  • Name +
    • City
    • High school / College
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Faith community
    • Employer
    • etc.

What information is available to prospective employers, graduate school admissions officers, or clients? Record it in your Google Resume!

Contextual Integrity & Context Collapse

  • Did you turn up any information in your Google Resume that you would prefer to keep private from prospective employers, graduate school admissions officers, or clients?
  • Is information missing from your Google Resume that you would like prospective employers, grad. school admissions officers, or clients to know?
  • How can your online accounts and identities be linked, both intentionally and unintentionally? What are the potential consequences of such an association?

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Automated decision-making systems in hiring

Open the interactive game - Survival of the Best Fit - below and complete the game. Takes approximately 6 minutes to play.

Individually, reflect on the following questions:

  • Were you aware of automatic decision-making systems in hiring? What did you already know and what surprised you from the game?
  • Do you view these practices as positive or negative for your future experience in the job market? How will this information impact your job search?

If time permits, discuss your thoughts and reflections with your neighbor(s) or in the Zoom chat.

Digital Professionalism - exploring social media policies & beyond

Find a link relevant to your career goals/major and explore the social media guidelines & policies of your profession/field.  Use the following guiding questions to reflect on these policies:

  • What surprised you?  
  • How do your current behaviors & actions on social media hold up in comparison?
  • What will you continue?  What will you alter/change?

Record observations in your Digital Professionalism worksheet, and share your thoughts / reactions in the Padlet at the bottom of the box!

General Tips

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Engineering, Business and Computing

Science and Health

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Additional Resources & Readings

Check out additional resources in the Privacy Toolkit, explore case studies related to employment, and learn how to take control of your digital footprint in the Digital Shred workshop!


Workshop Reflection & Certificate of Completion