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Digital Wellness Workshop

A part of the Penn State Berks Privacy Workshop Series & Paws for Success Workshop Series

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Alexandria Chisholm

Alexandria Chisholm  
( or 610-396-6242)

Sarah Hartman-Caverly
( or 610-396-6243)

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Privacy Workshop Series

Welcome to the Digital Wellness Workshop!

In this workshop we will:

  • Reflect on your digital wellness priorities
  • Learn about how our digital practices impact our personal wellbeing, including relationships, mental health, & professional aspirations
  • Develop a Digital Wellness Wheel to align habits & goals

Wellness Reflections

Visit each station posted throughout the room and answer the prompts:

  • What does wellness mean to you?
  • List examples of healthy habits.
  • What are your wellness priorities?
  • Identify barriers to your wellbeing goals.
  • What are your 'imbalance indicators' that signal you're going off-track?

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Case Study Investigation


Emotional / Spiritual



Financial / Professional

Fun / Recreational

Select one of your three wellness priorities & choose a relevant case study to skim.  Share your thoughts:

  • What is your wellness priority?
  • Which case study did you read?
  • Share one thing you learned / can apply to your wellness goals! 

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Wellness Wheel

Workshop Reflection / Certificate of Completion