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BMB 448: Model Systems and Approaches in Cell Biology Inquiry


Important Elements

  • Author (last name and initials only for first & middle names)
  • Title (capitalize only the first word of title and subtitle, and proper nouns)
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • Number of pages

The basic format would be:

Last Name Initials[period] Year[period] Book title[period] Place of publication[colon] Publisher[semicolon] Number of pages[period]

Websites and Online Material

The basic rules for citing do not differ for internet items from what is required for print.  Simply listing a URL is not sufficient

All the publication information should also be listed as in the examples below
Add [accessed date] after date of publication
Add URL at the end


Entire Website

APSnet: plant pathology online. c1994-2005. St Paul (MN): American Phytopathological Association: [accessed 2005 Jun 20].

Page within a website

Kishbaugh K. 2015. What you need to know about paying for veterinary school [Internet]. American Veterinary Medical Association. [cited 2015 Jun 20]. Available from:

Book by a single author

Sherman, C. 2001. The invisible Web : uncovering information sources search engines can't see. Medford, N.J.: CyberAge Books, Information Today; 439 p.

Book by two or more authors

Voet D, Voet JG. 1990. Biochemistry. New York: J Wiley. 1223 p.

Book with editors

Gilman AG, Rall TW, Nies AS, Taylor P, editors. 1990. The pharmacological basis of therapeutics. 8th ed. New York: Pergamon. 1811 p.

Online Book

Griffiths AJF, Miller JH, Suzuki DT, Lewontin RC, Gelbart WM. c2000. Introduction to genetic analysis. 7th ed. New York (NY): W. H. Freeman & Co.; [accessed 2005 May 31].

Chapter within a book

Kuret JA, Murad F. 1990. Adenohypophyseal hormones and related substances. In: Gilman AG, Rall TW, Nies AS, Taylor P, editors. The pharmacological basis of therapeutics. 8th ed. New York: Pergamon. p 1334-60.


Anders, A. 2008. Effects of large-scale climate on avian population dynamics across species' North American breeding distributions [dissertation]. [University Park, (PA)]: Pennsylvania State University.


IMGT/HLA Sequence Database. 2003- Release 2.9.0. Cambridge (England): European Bioinformatics Institute. [updated 2005 Jun 1; accessed 2005 Jun 22].