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EE 594: Research Projects (World Campus)

Links to databases and other resources for electrical engineering thesis papers. Includes resources for ethics, copyright, citation, and other ethical concerns.

Finding Books

Books are the bridge between your textbook and scholarly journal articles. They are usually your best resource for "the basics" -- an introduction, overview, and history of your topic. The quickest way to find books is to search the libraries book databases:

Another way to find books is to "browse" -- go to the library's book shelves and take a look

At Penn State Harrisburg Library, Electrical Engineering books are in the "TK" section, on the 3rd floor. However, you may find additional items in the "QA" (Computer Science), "TA" (General Engineering), and "TJ" (Mechanical Engineering) areas, too. 

If you are designing a component for a specific type of system, there may be additional areas of the library to explore. For example, information about electrical/electronic components for vehicles might be found in the "TL" (motor vehicles) area of the library. The "T" list within the Library of Congress Outline tells you which topics are shelved under which sections. 

Some Recommended EE Handbooks