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LER 464 : Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations

a guide to resources for LER 464.

Style Guides

You are required to use APA (American Psychological Association, 6th Edition) for in-text citations and references for all assignments for this course. Citing sources in the body of your paper and listing full references at the end of the paper are good scholarly practices and add credibility to your views and arguments. To locate guidelines and examples for APA format, use the following sources:

You may find it useful to use one of the following web-based tools to generate full citations for a reference.

Lionsearch "Cite This" option

In contrast to the prior tool for generating a citation, this option eliminates the need for you to type all of the information about the source. To use this option:

  1. Go to the Penn State Libraries home page.
  2. In the LionSearch field ("books, articles, and more"), type the desired source [e.g., leading with the heart] and press Enter.
  3. Find the desired item in the list of search results. Click on the image of quote marks on the upper right of the entry you want to cite. If you mouse over this icon, the message “Cite this item” appears.
  4. In in window that pops up, click in the box under the heading 'choose a citation format' and select APA.
  5. Example: Krzyzewski, M., & Phillips, D. T. (2000). Leading with the heart: Coach K's successful strategies for basketball, business, and life. New York: Warner Books.
  6. You can copy and paste the citation or you can use the links in the top right corner of the pop-up to email or print it. If you find an earlier edition of the desired item, edit the citation to match the version you are using.

Your responses to assignments will often include references to text material from an ANGEL course, video recordings from an ANGEL course, and other online videos.

The following example illustrates the format for text material in an ANGEL course when the author and the publication date are unknown:

In-text citation: Understanding leadership (n. d.) OR (Understanding leadership, n. d.)
Reference: Understanding leadership. (n. d.). Introduction to leadership--OLEAD 100. Online course lesson, Penn State World Campus, The Pennsylvania State University. Retrieved June 10, 2013 from

The following example illustrates the reference format for a video embedded in an ANGEL course when the publication date is unknown.

In-text citation: Simpson (n. d.) OR (Simpson, n. d.)
Reference: Simpson, R. (n. d.). Leadership traits [video file]. Retrieved June 10, 2013 from