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INTAG 100N: Everyone Eats: Hunger, Food Security & Global Agriculture

Noel Habashy

Reports and Statistics

Many intergovernmental organizations produce statistics and working documents that are difficult to find via other databases. They can be very useful for creating graphs and charts with consistent data as well as discovering development projects related to your product.

Hint: Scan the website and look for a "publications" section and/or a "statistics" section!

Hint: Anytime you want to cite web pages found on an organization's web site, unless there is a specific author listed, use the organization name as the author.

Hint: If you use a graphic from a statistical source, put a label on the graphic indicating the source, and in your bibliography, cite the statistics site.

Intergovernmental Organizations

Other Organizations and Statistics

Dig Deeper into information important to your country

Search the web for an organization related specifically to a product important in your country

Try combining your product with terms such as organization, association, council, or society. 

Many times a product association will produce timely reports and statistics related to the product.  Some organizations are international in scope, some are  related to just a country or region. 

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