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INTAG 100N: Everyone Eats: Hunger, Food Security & Global Agriculture

Noel Habashy

Introduction - Credible Sources

You need to find credible information for your assignment.  

What is credible information? In a nutshell it’s information that

  • can be substantiated by other sources,
  • is written by an expert on the subject,
  • and is from a respected source or publisher.

Why should we make sure we use credible sources? Because it gives our own projects credibility!

To make this a bit easier for you, I created a tutorial with three basic steps for your process:

  1. getting an overview;
  2. finding articles and books; and
  3. finding reports and statistics from international organizations.
  4. For each of these we'll also cover learning how to cite the information you use!
Click the tabs on the left of the screen to navigate through the steps.


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