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Statistical Analysis Software

This guides serves as an introduction to some Statistical Analysis Software. It aims to help patrons familiarize with five of the most popular statistical software.

Statistical Consultations

The University Libraries' Research Data Services on 3nd Floor W317 Pattee offers support to Penn State faculty, staff, and students working with data through its Data Learning Center

Support includes: 

  • Assistance in using statistical software for data analysis
  • Advice on research design, data collection, and data manipulation
  • Advice on statistical methodology
  • Assistance in interpreting statistical analysis result

Make an appointment for a consultation:


Welcome to “Introduction to Statistical Software Guide” from Penn State Libraries!

This guide serves as an introduction to some Statistical Analysis Software. It will help you decide which software is more suited for your analysis among the ones we introduce in this LibGuide.


The following software will be covered in their respective pages:

     1. Minitab

     2. R & RStudio

     3. SAS

     4. SPSS

     5. STATA


We will use this dataset throughout the manual (after eliminating missing values):

Other Resources

There are other online resources for PSU