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Statistical Analysis Software

This guides serves as an introduction to some Statistical Analysis Software. It aims to help patrons familiarize with five of the most popular statistical software.

Minitab Tabs

We will refer to these tabs throughout the manual. 

File; Edit: Data; Calc; Stat; Graph; Editor; Tools; Window; Help; Assistant

How to Import Files

Steps for importing a file:

1. Open Minitab: you will see an empty screen with the two windows Session and Worksheet. The Session window is where all the outputs and computations are displayed while the worksheet window is where you will see your data in different columns. Each column can be labeled in the first (unnumbered) row.

2. File -> Open Files: it will open a new window for you to choose your data file. You can reach to the same window by clicking on the button circled in red next to the Save button. Minitab is able to import most of the data files types you need.

3. Now you can start your analysis. In the picture above, we chose a dataset of height vs weight with the respective numerical values for each observation.

How to Graph

Steps for creating a scatterplot:

1. Graph -> Scatterplot

2. Choose the y and x variables: on the window opened, on the left side you will see the variables you have in your Worksheet. Double click the ones you need in the respective x or y variables columns, then click ok. In that window you can also scale, label and customize further your plot.

3. Here is your scatterplot you chose. You can also customize the labels and other features of the scatterplot by right clicking the plot and choosing the feature desired. In our example, x=height, y=weight.

In general, under the Graph tab you can find all the possible graphs you may be looking, and Minitab will guide through the process of creating one.



How to Conduct Basic Statistical Analysis

Steps for Computing Summary Statistics

1. Stat -> Basic Statistics -> Display Summary Statistics

2. Choose the Variables of interest

3. If you click on the Statistics button you can see all the different measurements

4. In the Session window you will see the Summary Statistics. In the picture above, the Session window has been moved for displaying reasons.


Steps for Fitting a Regression Model:

1. Stat -> Regression -> Regression -> Fit Regression Model

2. Choose the Responses and Predictors variables of interest

3. OK: In the Session window you will see the Regression model you fitted

Additional Resources

For any additional help, you can refer to the following:

1. Help tab: the Help tab will take you to official Minitab websites where you can get help to find the tools, features or definitions you need

2. Assistant tab: the Assistant tab has features designed to guide your analysis through different flowcharts

3. Other: