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ENGL 083S: First-Year Seminar in English (Harrisburg)

Library databases and other resources for ENGL 083 students at Penn State Harrisburg.

Penn State Harrisburg Librarians

Bernadette Lear

Behavioral Sciences and Education:
Bernadette Lear
( or 717-948-6360)

Emily Mross

Emily Mross
( or 717-948-6130)

Heidi Moyer

Heidi Abbey Moyer
( or 717-948-6056)

Emily Reed

Public Affairs and International Students:
Emily Reed
( or 717-948-6373)

Andrea Pritt

Science, Engineering, and Technology:
Andrea Pritt
( or 717-948-6071)

About Penn State Libraries

Penn State University Libraries welcomes students from all over the world! Read the Welcome Guide for International Students to learn more about how PSU Libraries supports international students.

Penn State University has many libraries. At University Park, the largest campus, there are special libraries for Business, Engineering, Life Sciences, and other subjects.

Also, each campus outside of University Park has a library. The goal of each campus library is to support the curriculum and students' needs on that particular campus.

The Madlyn L. Hanes Library at Penn State Harrisburg is the largest library outside of University Park. It has many resources for American Studies, Business, Education, Engineering, and Political Science/Government, because these departments have been at our campus for many years. We have a large collections of children's, Holocaust, and Women's History resources. 

Penn State's library philosophy is "one library." This means that all Penn State faculty and students, regardless of location, can use any book, periodical, or online database. If a book is owned by a different campus, you can request it, and it will usually arrive at Harrisburg in 2-3 business days. 

Rules and Services of Penn State Libraries

Always start with the Penn State University Libraries home page Here are some important sites:

Frequently Asked Questions about Penn State Harrisburg Library

Q: Are library services free?

A: Yes (kind of). Your tuition has already paid for the library. So, you do not have to pay anything more to access databases, use books, or get help. 

Q: How do I rent books?

A: At the library, you "borrow" books, you do not "rent" them. Bring your Penn State ID card and the books to the "circulation desk" on the ground floor of the library. 

Q: Does the library have textbooks? 

A: Yes, but only for some courses. Ask for help at the "circulation" or "reference" desks on the ground floor. 

Q: Can I talk in the library?

A. In some areas, yes, in other areas, no. The third floor is a quiet study area -- no talking. 

Q: Can I eat and drink in the library?

A: You may drink out of a container with a lid, but food is not allowed in the library. If you have a meal to eat, you may eat it in the 24/7 spaces: the Morrison Gallery and the Lion Study Space (located to the left and right of the library entrance).

Q: Where are the library's bathrooms?

A: Near the elevators and classrooms.

Q: Who should I ask for help?

A: Any library employee at the "circulation" or "reference" desk on the ground floor. For research help, you can also make an appointment with a librarian.