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CE 100: Topics and Contemporary Issues in Civil and Environmental Engineering

This guide is for students in all sections of Penn State Harrisburg's CE 100. It includes databases, research tips, and other resources for various assignments.

Confirming Basic Facts

Unfortunately, environmentalism is a topic where there is a lot of conflicting opinion and misinformation on the Internet. If you're concerned about the quality of your information sources, try these:

Digging Deeper

In addition to GREENR (above), use these databases to find scholarly journal articles, news, and other in-depth information about environmental science and engineering:

Taking Action: Professional

There are a large number of well-known consumer and political organizations concerning the environment. However, there are other organizations for engineers and other scientists. By joining a professional organization, you are more likely to learn about the latest research and technological discoveries. Some have "student memberships" for lower costs. Here are a few: 

Taking Action: Personal