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IST 111: Seminar in Info Science & Tech (Berks)

Research strategies, search tools, sources, and citation guides for the first-year seminar in IST at Penn State Berks.

Identifying & Using Articles in College Research

Penn State University Libraries: A "Drone's-Eye" View

Drone view of Paterno-Pattee Library, Penn State University Park.











Still from "Aerial Tour of Penn State - University Park" showing Pattee-Paterno Library by Jesse Brown via YouTube.

Activity: Scholarly, Trade, & Popular Articles

Many courses require students to use scholarly or professional/trade articles as sources.  Check out the worksheet below for a quick breakdown of the characteristics of these types of sources. 

Discuss: Which of the following sources is scholarly, professional, or popular?

Research in IST and SRA

Use the resources in this guide to start your IST 111 research project.