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HM 466: HR Management in Hospitality (Berks)

Research strategies, search tools, sources, and citation guides for the literature review requirement of case studies in hospitality industry human resources management.

Lit. Reviews in HM Case Studies

On Your Own

  1. Read the abstract of the report. Summarize the main idea in one sentence.
  2. Brainstorm 3 additional keyword search terms that do not appear in the report's Keywords list. Extra credit! Craft a database search string using the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT.
  3. Read pages 3-6 - the literature review - of the report, and answer the following questions:
    1. Background: What is the human resources management issue addressed in the report?
    2. Prior evidence: Are cases cited only from within the hotel industry? Provide examples.
    3. Theory: What theory is being proposed? What discipline or field does this theory come from?
    4. Contribution: What questions do the authors identify for their research?
  4. Read the 2 paragraphs under the heading Planning for Improvisation on page 10. Paraphrase the main idea and supporting claims in your own words.
  5. Extra credit! Craft an in-text and References page citation for this report using the guidelines at

As a Class

  • Share and discuss our answers.
  • Use our combined keyword bank to search for related articles.
  • Utilize database search tools to narrow our results by subject relevance, date, and publication type.
  • Identify source management tools, including citation generators, interlibrary loan and full-text email article delivery services.

Research Coach

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