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CAS 100: Effective Speech (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the research guide for CAS 100 classes at Penn State Berks!

Sources For Speech Construction

construction worker with red hat and thumbs up

To build a strong house, we'll want to use top quality bricks, glass, concrete, and other materials.

To build a strong speech, we'll want to use top quality facts, stories, statistics, testimonies, and opinions.

Let's use the databases to below to find all the building materials we need for our speeches!

Other Databases:

Search Strategies

Search Term What it does Example

All terms must appear

Narrows your search

Fewer results

Use to include multiple concepts

mental health


college students


Either term may appear

Broadens your search

More results

Use for related concepts

online dating


internet relationships


Removes a term from your search

Narrows your search

Fewer results

Use for concepts you do not want to research





Search for exact phrases

Narrows your search

Fewer results

"role playing game"


a man at a laptop, with his finger on his head, thinkingHow Do I Know If a Source in Credible?

Let's answer this question as a group!

What characteristics indicate this is a credible source? Post your answer to the Jamboard.


Try These First!

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Find background information & overviews; great for informative speeches!

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Helpful for topic development; great for persuasive speeches!

CQ Researcher

Covers many current issues; good for narrowing down your topic

Academic Search Complete (Ebsco)

Many current articles on a wide variety of topics.  Best for once you have a solid topic & keywords brainstormed.

Credo Academic Core Collection

Find background information on your topic; excellent for informative speeches!