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CAS 100: Effective Speech (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the research guide for CAS 100 classes at Penn State Berks!

Resources & Tips For Your Speech Research

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A database is an electronic collection of information. 

You can access hundreds of databases through the Penn State Libraries' web site.

Let's dive into these databases and see how they can help your speech research! 

Other Databases:

General Search Tips

Light BulbPower Tip: Use info from encyclopedia articles in the introduction of your speech to set the stage!


Pencil Need help developing your topic?  Grab a pen and paper--check out this short tutorial and you'll have a nice, narrow topic mapped out in no time!


video camera


Watch this tutorial to learn searching shortcuts in Opposing Viewpoints!

Search Strategies

Search Term What it does Example

All terms must appear

Narrows your search

Fewer results

Use to include multiple concepts

mental health


college students


Either term may appear

Broadens your search

More results

Use for related concepts

online dating


internet relationships


Removes a term from your search

Narrows your search

Fewer results

Use for concepts you do not want to research

online dating




Search for exact phrases

Narrows your search

Fewer results

"role playing game"


CAS 100A TT 12:05--1:15pm

CAS 100B - Reitz - 10:35am Class

Try These First!

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Find background information & overviews; great for informative speeches!

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Helpful for topic development; great for persuasive speeches!

CQ Researcher

Covers many current issues; good for narrowing down your topic

Academic Search Complete (Ebsco)

Many current articles on a wide variety of topics.  Best for once you have a solid topic & keywords brainstormed.

Credo Academic Core Collection

Find background information on your topic; excellent for informative speeches!