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ENGL15A Rhetoric and Composition (Abington)

This is a research guide to help you pinpoint search strategies and find sources for Essay 3.


Welcome to your library resource guide for Essay 3. For this essay, you will either be writing about Edward Snowden, or about WikiLeaks. You will need at least 3 sources: one scholarly, one popular and one interview or podcast. To find out more about those types of sources, see below.

To navigate this guide, explore the tabs to your left. Under the two "Topic" tabs you will find strategies for finding each of the three types of sources. Also included are a few basic and background sources to get you started on your research.

If you have any questions about using the library or doing research for your project, please contact your course librarian, Katie Odhner (, 215-881-7910). In lieu of office consultations, research consultations will be held online through Zoom through the end of the semester.

Source Types

Scholarly sources: Also known as 'academic sources.' These sources are written by experts who are often researchers and professors, and include books and journal articles.

Popular sources: These sources by people who are not scholarly experts. In this context, "popular" means "of the people" (i.e. intended for the general public) rather than the more common definition of "widely enjoyed or admired." Popular sources include newspaper articles, non-scholarly books, blog posts and websites.

  • Look for popular sources through Google or through the PSU Libraries search engines above.

Interviews or Podcasts: These sources can be particularly rich for current and hot topics such as your Essay 3 topics. See the Topic tabs for details on finding these sources.