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ENGL15A Rhetoric and Composition (Abington)

This is a research guide to help you pinpoint search strategies and find sources for Essay 3.

Accessing Electronic Resources FAQ

Q: What is an electronic resource (a.k.a. e-resource)?

A: Any resources that is available in a digital format. They are accessible online using your PSU credentials. They include e-books, audio files, streaming videos, government documents, online scholarly journals, and more. More than 4 million electronic resources are available to Penn State students, faculty and staff, including more than 2 million electronic books.

Q: When I search the catalog, can I limit the results to view only electronic resources?

A: Yes. From, input your search. When the results appear, you will see a filter labeled "Access" on the left-hand side. Click "Access," then "Online" (See Figure 1 below). This will limit your results to online only.

     Screenshot of catalog page with "access" filter highlighted

        Figure 1.

Q: I followed the link to an e-resource in the catalog, but don't see how to actually read it. How do I get to the resource?

A: In the description at the top, there will be a heading labeled "Access Online" (see Figure 2 below). Follow the link. You may be prompted to log in using your Penn State credentials. You can then read the resource online or download it, depending on the particular resource.

       Screenshot of sample book in catalog with access online link highlighted.

          Figure 2.

Accessing Physical Resources Remotely

A decision was made to close the Penn State Abington campus through the end of the semester due to the current public health concerns relating to COVID-19. Therefore, members of the PSU community can't checkout or pick up physical resources from Penn State Abington Library. For the most current updates on the situation with regards to the library visit Libraries COVID-19 Updates, or call the Penn State Abington Library at 215-881-7424. For updates on the situation at Penn State generally, visit