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NURS 390: Transition and the Professional Nursing Role

Maureen Dunn

Assignment: Exploring Nursing Theories

You assignment is to explore various nursing theories and choose a nursing theory that ‘speaks to you’.  That is, one that you think best captures the way you practice and think about nursing.

  1. Search for additional information about your theory or theorist on the internet or in the library.  Find at least 2 additional references beyond the sites listed below.
  2. State the name of your theorist and briefly describe the theory in your own words -- state how this theory views man, nursing, illness, wellness and the environment. Remember to include your references in APA format.
  3. Discuss why you chose this theory.  

Finding Nursing Theory Articles using CINAHL

The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) provides references to over 1,800 nursing and allied health journal articles.

You may want to use any or all of the following search terms in CINAHL to search for articles on nursing theory an nursing theorists:

  • "theory"
  • "theorists"
  • "theoretical model"

Remember, since CINAHL is a nursing-centric database, you do not need to include the term "nursing" in your search.

Nursing Subject Guides

The University Libraries makes a number of subject guides available for nursing and allied health professions available, including:

Citation Resources

When you do research for an assignment, you must cite the sources you used. Citation is a way of giving credit to the source that created the idea you are using. It allows others to follow the intellectual path you took to reach your conclusions. If you do not cite your sources, you are plagiarizing. When in doubt, cite your resources! Here are some citation sites to help you:

Citation Examples

Below are a few examples of how to cite the nursing theory websites provided above.

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