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Research Data Services at Penn State Harrisburg

This guide provides an overview of research data services available in the Madlyn L. Hanes Library at Penn State Harrisburg.

Data Citation

Like many types of research, data that does not belong to you (data that you did not create) must be properly cited. How to properly cite data will depend upon the citation style you are using, but generally, you will want to include the following information:

  • Data creator(s) or contributors(s),

  • Date of publication

  • Title of dataset(s)

  • Publisher

  • Data identifier (for example: DOI) or URL for data source

  • Version ID (if appropriate)

  • Date of access (if appropriate)

Review the Data Citation page by the United States Geological Survey at this link for examples on how to cite your data in different styles.

Data Ethics

Similar to citing datasets, it is extremely important to follow all data ethics guidelines that inform your research. This is especially important if your research project includes any personally-identifiable data such as names, genders, geographic locations, races, ages, health information, etc. This sensitive and confidential data must be properly and carefully handled. These data guidelines include the ethical acquisition, management, and use of data for the entire research project.

Many professional societies as well as federal agencies outline clear ethical practices and principles that should be followed throughout the research project. Researchers should review their disciplinary and academic ethical standards before beginning a research project so they are aware of any data considerations. For general information on data ethics, consider the items, below, from the library's collections.