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Misinformation Challenge

Welcome to the COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge!

This 4-Week Challenge includes tasks designed to test your knowledge of the novel coronavirus, while having fun and learning something new. You'll spend time evaluating memes, news headlines, potential treatments, and some of the science behind the virus.

Have questions about this guide or about any of the challenges? Don't hesitate to contact Katie Odhner ( and Brendan Johnson (

Let's get started with Challenge 1!

Note: This challenge took place July 24-August 14, 2020, and reflects information about each day's tasks from that time period.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)  This COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge is a derivative of "COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge" by Jen Bonnet and Senta Sellers of the University of Maine, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.